Tips For Correctly Repairing The Edge Of Your Mortared Tile Roof

If you need to make a repair to your mortared tile roof, then you will need to mix the cement mortar correctly. The correct mortar consistency is vital to ensure the cement cures properly into concrete and secures the roofing tiles.  Once mixed, then working correctly with the mortar will ensure a professional look for your roof repair and will ensure the roof stays leak-proof for many years to come. If you have never repaired a mortared tile roof, then these tips will assist you with the project.

New Roofs? Clay Is King

You don't have to reinvent the wheel if you were thinking about investing in a new roof material. That is, many of the most traditional roofing materials that have been around for centuries are still very practical to own because they are long lasting, cost effective, and stylish. The Pitfalls of Solar Tiles Many people have their heads turned by solar tiles and modern composite products that claim to be more energy efficient.

Your Roof 101 | A Guide For New Homewoners

You just closed on your first home. You remember the home inspector sharing that the roof had a few years left if you took care of it, but what does that even mean? It's okay. Knowing how to take care of a roof and what signs to watch out for is fairly simple. You don't need to be an expert to do this.  How Long Does the Average Roof Last?

4 Potentially Dangerous Reasons To Have A Leaky Roof Repaired ASAP

Procrastination is common among homeowners when it comes to dealing with household problems. But, repairing a roof leak should take priority on your "to do" list of home maintenance. Roof leaks, regardless of how small, can quickly develop into more serious problems. Many homeowners make the mistake of assuming a roof leak is a structural problem, but without immediate roof damage repair services, a small roof leak can cause significant damages to the foundation of your home as well as your health.

3 Great Replacement Options To Consider For Your Commercial Roof

An important part of your commercial property is the roof, as it's what protects the interior from weather elements. If you're in need of a replacement, consider these commercial roof service options. They come with many advantages your company should strongly consider.  Thermoplastic One of the more innovative roofing solutions to come out these past few years is thermoplastic roofing. This material is extremely durable and temperature-resistant. No matter how hot or cold it gets, your thermoplastic commercial roof will retain its structural integrity.