Beat The Cold Or The Heat With Metal Roofing

Living in a temperate climate means you get a little bit of everything mother nature can throw at you. You can't just outfit your home for beating the heat because you might leave yourself exposed to winter's wrath. Thus, when you choose components for your home, you need to make sure they will provide you with year-round benefits. Nowhere is this more critical than your roof. Because of a roof's orientation, it gets the worst of any weather. A good metal roof installation can provide you with all-season protection. 

How to Beat Summer Heat

Your AC will do nothing to prevent your home from heating up. Instead, it tries to cool your home down once it starts to heat up in the first place. Thus, if you want to cut your cooling costs, you need to do whatever you can to keep the heat out. A roof is ideally positioned to soak up the sun's rays for most of the day, so you need a roof that will deflect the sun's energy in some way.

Metal is naturally reflective, and by placing a metal roof on your home, you can reflect the sun's heat back into the atmosphere. A good metal roofing system can decrease your cooling costs by up to 40%. However, the best metal roofing will be treated with an emissive and/or reflective coating. 

How to Beat Winter's Wrath

Winter has a unique style when it comes to ruining your day. If enough snow builds up on your house, it can overwhelm your roof joists and cause collapse. Furthermore, even if you don't have to worry about collapse, any snow that melts over the body of your roof will freeze over your eaves if the temperatures are low enough. If enough ice builds up on the eaves, water can pool up behind the ice dams and then leak under your shingles. A metal roof will protect you from both of these dangers. Metal roofs are low friction and will allow snow to slough off before it gets too heavy, and as the load of snow slides off your roof, your risk of ice dam decreases.

Your roof might not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think of ways to reduce your cooling costs or to weather the winter, but the right roof can help your home in all sorts of ways. While a metal roof costs more than some other roofs, you get impressive value for your money.