Four Ways To Change The Look Of Your Home With A Brand New Roof Design

If the time has come to replace that old asphalt roof, it may also be hiding damage. This damage can be an extra cost for your replacement. When it is extensive, you may consider addressing the issue that caused the damage. You can also redesign your roof to change the look of your home. Some design ideas can be simple, while others can be costly. Here are some ways you can change the design of your roof during replacement:

1. Adding Covered Areas For Porches, Patios And Entrances

If you have a porch or a deck area, adding a covered area can be a good investment. You may want to consider extending the main body of the roof of your home over a porch or patio area. This can provide you with a covered area to give you more enjoyment with your outdoor area. It can also give you the option to close the area in later for a screened in porch or all season room for your home.

2. Giving Your Roof A New Look With Dormer Windows In The Attic

If you want to give your home a new look, dormer windows on the roof can be a great option. These can give you the option of remodeling the attic with additional space. Another option can be to use them for skylights for more natural lighting. Dormer windows can also help provide more ventilation for your roof.

3. Changing Hips And Gables To Create A Brand New Look

If you have a hip or gable roof, you may want to consider changing the look. To add more space to an attic, you can have the hip changed to a gable, which can be good for attic additions. Gables can give you more attic space, as well as be designed to match architectural features, such as dormers with windows for bedrooms in attic additions.

4. Going Upwards With A Small Addition And The Help Of A Structural Engineer

Another option you may want to consider is small addition to the roof of your home. If you want to have more space, but do not have space to build outwards, an attic addition may be the only option. This will require the help of a structural engineer, who you may also want to consult for other structural changes that affect loads. Most major changes will require the help of an engineer to approve the design. 

These are some ways you can change the design of your roof when you have it replaced. If you are ready to replace your roof and want to change the look of your home, contact roofing contractors and talk with them about some of these ideas.