Doing Your Own Roof Repair? Consider The Dangers

If you are looking to save some money on your roof repair, you may be considering doing the job on your own rather than hire a professional. Before you attempt to do any type of roof repair, you need to be aware of the potential dangers you'll be facing by doing so. Roof repair, no matter how big or small, has the following hazards.


One of the most fatal dangers that can occur when working on your roof is falling off of it. A fall can happen at any time, such as when descending or ascending a ladder, slipping on your roof while walking on it, or falling through a part of the roof that has deteriorated. The risks can be a severe injury and death in extreme circumstances.

Falling Objects

Getting roofing materials on a roof often requires multiple people. One person is on the ground tying off the materials with a cable or rope, and another person lifts them up to the work area. Roofing materials can be heavy, and it only takes a moment where the rope slips out of one person's hands to cause a severe injury to the other person due to falling objects.

Muscle Strains

Roofing materials are also heavy and awkwardly-shaped, especially when you consider that you are working on a slanted surface. Tile bundles, rolled roofing material, and heavy containers that contain roof sealant will need to be used while on the roof. You'll be moving them on the slanted surface to different places, which is a potential way to become injured with a muscle strain or back injury.

If you don't typically engage in physical work like this, or aren't very fit, you may not realize how physically demanding a roof repair can be until you start the job.

Dehydration, Heat Stroke, and Heat Exhaustion

Even when the temperature outside is moderate, a roof has the potential to become incredibly hot. A dark roofing material will absorb the sun's heat, and put you more at risk from an illness related to heat, even if your exposure time is limited. These illnesses can cause you to become disorientated, making you unaware of the effects as they are happening. It increases the chance of a fall, since dizziness can be a side effect of a heat-related illness.

If roof work seems like it will be too challenging for you to do on your own, contact a professional roofer in your area like one from Rainy Day Exteriors that can help.