How to Replace a Barrel Ceramic Tile Shingle

Barrel ceramic tile shingles are popular on homes in the Southwestern United States. The ceramic tiles helps reduce the absorption of heat into the attic areas in desert regions. Over time, temperature fluctuations from hot to freezing cold can cause the ceramic tiles to crack and break apart. The tile needs to be replaced to prevent the roof from leaking during rain storms and to repel the heat from the sun's rays. Here is how you can replace a broken ceramic barrel tile on a roof.

Remove Tile

You will need a tile fastener removal tool, a crow bar, and a hammer to remove the tile.

Carefully climb onto the roof and walk to where the tile is broken. Slip the fastener removal tool under the bottom lip of the broken tile and slide it up until you can feel the nails holding the tile in place.The fastener tool is a flat piece of metal that has two grooved hooks at the end of it that can wrap around the head of nails. Push the removal tool so the tip goes up past the nail heads and slowly pull it back down toward you until you can feel the hook latch onto the head of the nail. There are usually just two nails that have to be removed at the top end of the piece of tile.

The other end of the removal tool is bent up so you can pound it with a hammer once the hooks are latched onto the head of the nail. Take a hammer and pound the removal tool down toward you. This will force the nail out of the roof and cause the ceramic tile to slide out of position so you can remove it.

Take the broken tile with you to the roofing supply store so you can find an exact match in style, color, and size.

Replacing the Tile

Use a crow bar to gently lift up the tiles above the broken tile you removed. Be careful, if you lift too hard you can easily crack and break the other ceramic tiles. Take some roofing tar and apply a thick coat with a trowel under the bottom of the unbroken tiles.

Slide the top end of the new tile under the bottom of the unbroken tiles. Make sure the bottom of the new tile is even with the other tiles on the same row.

Lift up the bottom end of the new tile once you have it in position with the crow bar and apply a liberal amount of roofing tile adhesive under it. Remove the crow bar to let the weight of the existing unbroken tiles press down on the new tile to hold it in place while the adhesive dries and keeps the tile from moving.

If you have several broken or worn tiles, consider hiring roofers that do tile roofing for quality, efficient repairs.