Why You Should Get A Metal Roof For Your Building

Have you grown frustrated with all of the algae spores that grow on your asphalt shingle roof? It might be time for you to get a metal roof for your business so you can take advantage of the benefits that it can offer. Below, discover some helpful information about a metal roof that will help you determine if it is a wise investment for your business.

What are the Advantages of Having a Metal Roof?

You won't have to worry about algae damage with a metal roof as you do with one that is constructed out of asphalt shingles, as there is no limestone in metal.  Algae spores actually survive and spread by consuming limestone. Another advantage to consider is the ease that installing a metal roof will be for the contractors, as the metal is not heavy. Contractors will not have to struggle with getting the metal materials onto your roof, which means that labor fees may not be too expensive. A metal roof is also resistant to fire, which is great for protection against lightning strikes or in the event that a burning neighbor's home sends flames to your roof.

What Kind of Effect Does Water Have On a Metal Roof?

If water accumulates on a metal roof, rust will develop that can cause deterioration. However, there is nothing for you to worry about as long as protective measures are taken to make sure water does not stay on the roof when it rains. For instance, you must make sure that the rain gutters on your roof are cleaned out sometimes to prevent water from spilling onto the metal roof due to it not being able to smoothly flow out the right way. You can also make sure a sealant is placed on the metal to create a barrier that will prevent rainwater from touching the metal.

What is Typically Charged for Professional Metal Roof Installation?

If the roof of your business does not have any slopes, installation will be less complex and affordable. The type of metal roofing materials installed will also play a role in the price. For instance, interlocking steel shingles are the most affordable, as you can pay as little as $3 per square foot for installation (including materials). A metal roof that is constructed out of copper is on the highest end of the scale and can cost a minimum of $15 or more per square foot for installation and materials. Contact a commercial roofer, such as Central States Roofing, as soon as you are able to!