Three Methods You Can Use To Prolong The Life Of Your Roof

Knowing a reputable roofing contractor is always advantageous when you're a homeowner. Your roof is arguably your home's most important barrier against weather-related elements, which means that it's integral to have a professional repair or replace your roof as needed. Given that the average homeowner cannot accurately assess the health of his or her roof, it's beneficial to hire your roofing contractor to inspect your roof's condition and provide an accurate assessment. Moving forward, you can perform a wide range of jobs around the home that can help to prolong the life of the roof -- and the best part is that you won't have to climb up onto the roof for any of the tasks. Here are three.

Ensure Your Downspouts Aren't Blocked

The next time it rains, look outside and check the water that's flowing out of your downspouts. Although the intensity of the rain will partially dictate the flow, obstructed downspouts can allow little more than a trickle of water through. If this is what you're seeing, wait until the rain has stopped and remove the downspout with a screwdriver, and then use a long device such as the handle of a broom to remove any obstacles. Over time, and especially if the downspout has bends, it can gather leaves and other debris from your gutters. When the water isn't allowed to escape, the gutters will fill with water and push moisture under your roofing shingles, which can precipitate the need for a premature roof repair.

Insulate Your Attic Properly

If you stand outside in the winter and your roof is mostly devoid of snow, too much hot air is escaping from your home through your attic. The concern with this situation -- other than your rising energy bills -- is that the melting snow on your roof will create ice dams. Ice dams are small barriers or ice along the edges of the roof that form due to heat soaking through from the attic. The concern with ice dams is that they block the downward flow of melting snow and push water under your shingles. You can better insulate your attic by buying sections of insulation and layering the floor.

Take Care Of Overgrown Trees

Whether you do the work yourself or hire a tree contractor, it's important to avoid letting the trees in your yard encroach on your roof. They can deposit excessive amounts of leaves, which can lead to moisture buildup, as well as actually grow in a manner that they lift your shingles and expose the wood below to moisture. You should always take care to ensure that no tree branches can make contact with the roof or hang directly overtop.