Does Your Attic Insulation Need To Be Replaced?

Attic insulation does not last forever. If it has been a while since you've been up in your attic, it's time to take a peek at your insulation and determine if it needs to be replaced. Here's a closer look at how to tell, along with the benefits of replacing your insulation.

How can you tell if insulation needs to be replaced?

Some of the signs that attic insulation needs to be replaced can be observed by simply looking at the insulation:

  • Is your insulation discolored?
  • Does the insulation appear moist?
  • Are there areas where the insulation appears to have been chewed by rodents, or do you spot rodent droppings around or on it?
  • Does the insulation appear to be compacted in some areas?

There are also signs you may observe during daily life in your home:

  • Your heating bills have increased, even though the cost-per-unit of fuel has not.
  • The upstairs rooms feel drafty.
  • Snow that falls on your roof tends to melt, trickling down to the edge of the roof and causing ice dams.

What are your options in terms of replacing the insulation?

While you could hire a professional HVAC company to come replace the insulation for you, you'll save money by doing it on your own. Wear gloves, a face mask, and clothing you don't mind throwing away in order to protect yourself from the fiberglass. Roll up the old insulation and stuff it in large trash bags to dispose of it.

Use an online calculator to determine the proper amount of insulation based on your climate. Remember to buy insulation with backing for the first layer and insulation without backing for any subsequent layers. Unroll the first layer, and then unroll the second layer on top of it (while still wearing your protective clothing, of course).

What are the benefits of replacing your insulation?

Your new insulation will reduce your heating bills and also make your home more comfortable. It should also help prevent the formation of ice dams, which will increase your roof's life expectancy and decrease your need for repairs. If the old insulation had absorbed moisture over time, replacing it will protect you from mold and mildew-related issues.

If you're not sure whether your insulation needs to be replaced, your HVAC technician or a professional roofing contractor can take a look at it during your next system inspection and let you know. For more information, contact Georges Roofing or a similar company.