Need To Replace Your Garage's Roof? What Are Your Most Cost-Effective Options?

If you've started to notice condensation on the windows of the vehicle parked in your detached garage -- or worse, actual puddles on the floor following a heavy rain -- you may be doing some research into your replacement roofing options. While replacing the roof of your home can be an extensive (and pricey) project, you may be reluctant to sink huge amounts of money into your garage's roof. However, you will need a roof that can easily repel water and keep out the elements without requiring much maintenance going forward. What are the best roofing options for your garage? Read on to learn more about your choices.

Rubber roofing tiles

Made from recycled asphalt, tire scraps, and other crude oil byproducts, these tiles are both water-resistant and eco-friendly. Recycled rubber roofing tiles can come in a variety of colors, and many are treated with UV-resistant chemicals to make them essentially impervious to the drying and bleaching effect of the sun's rays. These tiles are an especially good choice for a garage, as they're great insulators and shouldn't require any additional insulating underlayment to keep your garage warm during the winter and cool during the summer. These roofing panels should also help protect your vehicles and tools from outside moisture for decades to come, with only minimal maintenance.

Recycled aluminum panels

Another wallet- and eco-friendly material that can provide some specific benefits for garages is recycled aluminum. To make thes panels, aluminum cans, auto parts, and other light metal products are melted and the resulting mix is rolled out into corrugated sheets. These sheets are then placed on your roof, often with a thin layer of spray-foam insulation beneath to prevent heat loss in the winter (and to keep your garage from turning into a sun oven in the summer). Recycled aluminum sheets are water-repellent and not prone to rusting, allowing them to maintain their appearance and function for decades without too much maintenance on your part. 

Like recycled rubber, recycled aluminum can be transformed into a variety of colors and treated with UV-resistant additives that should keep your roof looking brand new for years, regardless of your area's climate. You'll also pay much less for this type of roof than for a brand new aluminum or steel roof, even though these recycled panels will provide the same level of protection (and the same attractive appearance) as panels made from non-recycled material. For more information, contact a roofing contractor, like one at Independent Roofing Inc.