Benefits Of Using Rubber Mulch In Your Yard

If you're thinking about using mulch in any type of application in your yard, you may be debating whether you want the wood to have a natural look or perhaps be dyed a different color, such as red or brown. It's also advantageous, however, to think about the nature of the mulch itself — while many people use natural wood mulch, the alternative of rubber mulch is highly desirable. At first glance, this type of mulch doesn't look much different than wood mulch. Beyond its ability to blend in well with the surroundings, there are several benefits of using rubber mulch in your yard. Here are some.

Softer Underfoot

A chief benefit of using rubber mulch is that it's softer underfoot than traditional wood mulch. This can be desirable for a few reasons. If you're using the mulch beneath a child's swing set, play structure or tree house, the extra cushioning of the rubber softens the impact in the event of a child falling. If you're simply using the mulch to line some walking paths around your yard, the springy nature of the rubber is pleasant to walk on and will absorb some of the impact of your steps — which is especially ideal for people who are suffering from knee pain.

Longer Life

When you use natural wood mulch, you have to remember that it's always decomposing — albeit at a fairly slow rate if the mulch chunks are large. This means that you'll need to replace the mulch every year or two, which can be an arduous chore, not to mention a chronic expense. This isn't a factor with rubber mulch. Because it's made of thick, durable rubber — often recycled from car tires — rubber mulch will last for several years, depending on the brand and quality of mulch that you buy.

Less Need For Maintenance

Wood mulch can have its issues. As the mulch decomposes, it can become fertile ground for grass, weeds and other vegetation that you'll constantly be needing to remove. Additionally, wood mulch can attract bugs such as termites, which can chew through the wood and leave you dealing with a shortage of mulch and a pest problem. Rubber mulch requires little to no maintenance. Because it doesn't break down, there's little risk of vegetation growing up through it, provided that you place landscaping cloth beneath it. Additionally, the rubber isn't attractive to pests, so you won't likely be dealing with termite issues.

For more information about your options, contact a company that offers bulk mulch.