Repairing Cracks In Your Home's Foam Roofing

If you have a foam rooftop on your home, you most likely enjoy the increased insulation it provides, helping you to reduce the amount you spend on energy costs as a result. If your foam rooftop gains a crack in its surface, moisture can make its way into your home. The insulation provided is also a bit compromised as air will be able to escape through this crevice. Here are some steps you can take to repair a crack in a foam roof.

Clean The Rooftop Before Making Repairs

It is a good idea to clean your entire roof before you undertake the repairing process. This will allow you to inspect its surface for additional areas needing to be fixed, saving you time and money in materials as a result. Cover any cracks you are aware of with pieces of plastic packing tape before doing the cleaning procedure. These can be peeled off when you have completed your work and will aid in keeping moisture from getting inside of your home. Apply a foam roofing cleanser to the rooftop using a sponge or soft-bristled brush by hand. Afterward, rinse it from the roof using a garden hose. You will now be able to see any additional cracks easily.

Fill In Cracks With Foam Roofing Caulk

Visit a local hardware or home goods store to pick up a tube of foam roofing caulk. This is placed directly in a caulk gun for easy application. Make sure to insert the gun's nozzle into each crack as far as possible before you squeeze the contents of the packaging into crevices. When each crack is filled, draw a line of caulk on top of the cracked portion, sealing the edges of the foam underneath. The caulk will harden, creating a seal against moisture accumulation as a result.

Cover Damaged Portions With New Foam

Filled in cracks should be covered with a new layer of foam. It is important to purchase spray foam in the same type you had previously installed on your rooftop to ensure it adheres properly. Roofing foam is usually made from acrylic, urethane, or silicone. Check with your roofing contractor to see which type is applied if necessary.

Spray the new foam over the areas you had filled with caulk. This will give your rooftop another layer of protection against moisture damage and will improve the appearance of your structure in the process. Be sure to wear appropriate eye and skin protection when applying this foam to your rooftop. Wait until a sunny day with no precipitation in the forecast to conduct this process so the foam adheres and dries in its entirety.

For more information, contact local professionals like Ray's Accurate Roofing.