New Roofs? Clay Is King

You don't have to reinvent the wheel if you were thinking about investing in a new roof material. That is, many of the most traditional roofing materials that have been around for centuries are still very practical to own because they are long lasting, cost effective, and stylish.

The Pitfalls of Solar Tiles

Many people have their heads turned by solar tiles and modern composite products that claim to be more energy efficient. That being said, solar tiles are still extremely expensive and represent good value for what you get. They will probably become cost-effective in the near future as they gain traction and become more widely produced. Until then, you can't go wrong with some of the traditional roofing materials that are still well loved for their amazing style and practicality.

Clay is King

This is definitely true when you are shopping for clay products. Clay roofs are still among the most widely installed all over the world. Why are clay roofs still so popular? Clay is a material that is well suited to roofing because it is lightweight, meaning it can be used on even the steep pitched roofs. At the same time, it is brittle, which actually helps to reduce heat transfer. Clay is also very affordable and can be easily shaped. This way you can find clay in all different styles and shapes. Roofing experts can list off 50 different types of clay roofing tile shapes from double Roman to Spanish to pantile (to name a few).

Regardless of the actual shape of the tiles you choose to install, clay is a material that is very easy to own when you consider it has a long lifespan and zero maintenance. Also, since it is so light, this helps to keep down the installation cost.

One thing you should closely consider when shopping for a clay product is whether you want something that is raw or glazed. A glaze finish is going to add a gloss and shine to your roof. Some people also like glazed clay because the color doesn't change when it gets wet. When raw clay gets wet, it absorbs moisture and becomes much darker. When choosing whether not you want a glazed clay finish, it is mainly a matter of personal preference. A glaze might enable your clay tiles to last longer, but it isn't going to have a huge effect on the overall performance of your roof.

Keep this in mind as you work out your roof replacement