Reasons to Have Your Damaged Shingled Roof Repaired ASAP

If you have noticed that a small area of your roof is either damaged or showing the underlayment because some of the shingles have blown off, you may be tempted to delay having it repaired, especially since the damage does not affect the entire roof. However, not only will the damage spread over time, but it could cause other serious problems.

Small Leaks Can Lead to Mold Growth

If you have checked the ceiling below the area and have not found any water stains, you may feel as though you are safe from any leakage. However, just because you do not see overt signs of water leaking through the roof does not mean there aren't any small areas where water is trickling in through the underlayment and into the supporting structures of your home.

As the water trickles into these hidden areas, the combination of the moisture and the dark spaces creates an ideal environment for mold. In the beginning, you may not be able to easily detect this growth. However, as the water continues to trickle in through your roof, you may eventually start seeing mold penetrate through your walls. And if anyone in your home has allergies or asthma, they may start seeing an increase in their symptoms.

Exposed Areas Can Invite Pests into Your Home

Another potential problem that may be caused by your damaged roof is that it increases the risk of having pests invading your home. These pests can range from smaller insects, such as termites that are attracted to the rotting wood, to mice and rats that can pass through small gaps. If termites start eating your roof's underlayment, they will speed up the deterioration of the structure. Also, since the support beams are connected to the underlayment, the termites may start making their way further into your home, resulting in a full-blown infestation.

Even if termites do not eat holes in your roof's exposed wood, rats and mice may find gaps or even gnaw their way through the softened wood. Once they enter your attic, they can wreak havoc on every part of your home as they make their way down through your rooms toward the food supply in your kitchen.

When you find a damaged area or bare spot on your shingled roof, delaying repairs will only make matters worse. As soon as you are aware of the damage, contact a roofing repair service to have them inspect the damage and discuss with you any available options for fixing your roof.