Contemporary-Style Home? Consider Installing Copper Rain Gutters

If you just moved into a contemporary-style home in need of a rain gutter system, then consider installing gutters made of natural copper metal. While aluminum and vinyl gutters are a lot less expensive than copper, those made of copper really make a contemporary home stand out from its neighbors. Add a few designer copper rain chains for downspouts, and your home's rain gutter system goes from utilitarian to looking like it is adorned with designer jewelry.

If you are unfamiliar with copper rain gutters and their care requirements, below is more information:

The Advantages of Copper Rain Gutter Systems

There are many advantages of installing a copper rain gutter system over the less expensive options currently available on the market. This type of gutters make a home look vintage and elegant while at the same time offer a wide variety of different sizes, shapes, and seam options to choose from. 

Copper metal is impervious to rust, so it is ideal for use outdoors even in very humid climates or areas with bad air quality. Since there is no rust, there is also no brown rust staining on your home's siding as the metal ages in place.

Additionally, natural copper gutters have been known to last undamaged on homes for over a century, requiring very little care or maintenance.

The Disadvantages of Copper Rain Gutter Systems

Copper rain gutters have two major disadvantages:

  1. they are expensive due to the market value of copper metal
  2. they tarnish if not sealed with a clear coating

If the cost isn't an issue for you, then you do need to be aware of copper's natural tarnishing process so you can decide if you prefer the look of aged copper or natural raw metal.

The Copper Tarnishing Cycle

When your gutters are first hung, they will be bright metal. As they sit exposed to the elements, the copper will slowly tarnish. When tarnishing, copper first turns brown. After a couple of years of brown tarnish, the gutters will then turn the verdigris green you are familiar with.

Removing Tarnish and Sealing Copper Rain Gutters

If you do not want the new rain gutters to turn brown and later green, then you need to remove their tarnish every few years. This is easy to do using inexpensive products available at your local hardware store or by scrubbing them with a mixture of equal parts vinegar, flour, and salt. Finally, if you want the copper to stay shiny after you clean them, then you can purchase a clear coating product at the hardware store and apply it.

Contact a gutter service, like Alaka'i Raingutters & Supplies, for more help.