The 4 Ways Drones Are Advancing Commercial Roofing Services

Though you may associate drones with people filming natural areas, there are many different commercial applications where drones make businesses more effective. For example, drones are quickly revolutionizing the roofing industry.

If you need a commercial roof repair or replacement, then hiring a roofing contractor utilizing drone technology is always to your advantage. To better understand how drones help roofers meet your business's specific needs, below are the four ways drones are advancing commercial roofing services today:

Drone Use #1: Roof Inspections

Roofing companies who don't use drones inspect roofs by someone climbing up on the roof and walking around. However, drones now allow for exponentially better and easier inspections. In addition, drone inspections are much safer than traditional physical inspections because no one is walking on a potentially damaged roof.

Drone Use #2: Remote Viewing of the Roof by Multiple People

When your commercial roof is inspected with a drone-mounted camera, then the video footage and still images can be viewed by anyone who needs to see the roof. This is a fantastic advantage if you need a specialist or another contractor to look at something. All you need to do is email the other party the video or image files. This saves a lot of time and effort over them having to visit your location in person.

Drone Use #3: Thermal Scans to Detect Heat Loss and Moisture Leaks

As well as taking still images and video of your roof, drone-mounted thermal imaging cameras are used during inspections to create images of your building based on its temperature. The thermal images show where heat and air conditioning is escaping from the building as well as areas where the roof may be damaged.

For example, when water is present on a roof it retains heat. So, if one area of your roof looks warmer than the others, then it is likely there is water present. In the past, roofing contractors would only see signs of this moisture if they inspected the roof early in the morning or late in the evening when the temperatures were changing.

Drone Use #4: Showing Customers Completed Roof Repairs and Replacements

The final way roofing companies are advancing their offerings using drones is the ability to show customers completed roof repairs or replacements safely from the ground. This takes all of the mystery out of the process and gives their customers the peace of mind they did the job they were paid to do.